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Management or Leadership or BOTH?

Most people agree that the difference between leaders and managers is that they focus their energy on different things.

Managers are concerned with ensuring that people and technology systems work well day after day, week after week and year after year. They are focussed on

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Organising and staffing
  • Controlling and problem solving
  • Making complex people and technology systems run efficiently and effectively

Leaders look to the future, set direction, create systems for others to manage, take advantage of opportunities, avoid risk and align people behind their vision

  • Create vision and strategy
  • Communicate simply and powerfully
  • Engage and motivate people to action
  • Align people to their vision and influence

More importantly Leaders have what’s sometimes called Leadership Presence: a combination of attitudes and behaviours that earn leaders the right to lead.

Organisations need both good management and good leadership in order to be effective.  While Managers and Leaders may be different people in theory, in practice many managers are required to lead and leaders are more effective if they know how to manage .

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